Welcome to Chapel Hill Ranch & Farm

Located in the northern Sacramento Valley, Chapel Hill Ranch & Farm is a family farm that produces fresh, natural, prayerfully and ethically grown vegetables and fruit that are shipped right from our farm to your doorstep throughout our delivery area.

All we enjoy on earth is a gift from God. We depend on Him for our very being, and our sustenance. Our farm honors God by celebrating the intersection of faith, family and food under the protection of the Blessed Mother.

Food picked fresh today will be enjoyed by your family tomorrow. Every farm box shipment is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, or you will receive a complete refund.

Your purchase will help feed starving children in the Caribbean and Latin America through our partnership with Food For The Poor. We will donate 10 percent of all sales proceeds to this worthy organization. This means that not only will you be providing your own family with fresh, healthy produce but you’ll be helping to feed starving children as well.

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