The Chapel

Our Lady of Abundant Harvest Catholic Chapel was constructed and consecrated on our property. Approved by the Bishop of Sacramento, the chapel sits on a hill overlooking our property. It was dedicated on November 7, 2015 in a mass concelebrated by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, and Rev. Sherwin Colaste, pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Red Bluff, CA.

The chapel is dedicated to the Blessed Mother and honors her appearance in 1641 in Cursi, Italy, where townspeople prayed fervently to the Blessed Virgin, begging for her help to end a three-year drought and save them from an impending famine.

She answered their prayers in an astonishing way, appearing to a shepherd with the direction that he go to the pastor of the parish and in her name assemble all the people of Cursi and come with them to this place, for on that spot she wished a church to be erected. She promised that when it was completed she would take the town and surrounding countryside under her special protection. Moreover, she pledged not only to end the drought but to provide a harvest of such abundance as none had ever seen before.

The good pastor did as the shepherd had suggested, leading the people to the spot picked by the Madonna. There they faithfully prayed for her intercession. On their way back to town after praying to her and promising to build a church on the spot she selected, rain began to fall and the townspeople rejoiced. True to her word, at harvest time the crops in that area were so abundant that every barn was filled to overflowing.

Our Lady of Abundant Harvest Chapel is a private chapel for use by our family, workers and guests, as well as for events organized by the local parish.



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