Our Farm

Chapel Hill Ranch & Farm is located in the northern reaches of the Sacramento Valley west of the town of Red Bluff, CA. We grow fruits and vegetables in an organic fashion, prayerfully and ethically nurturing the crops so that your family enjoys nutritious, healthy, delicious fresh food.

Our farm is in an area with a rich agricultural history. The land has for generations produced abundant hay crops as well as orchard crops, served as winter rangeland for cattle, and more recently become home to select specialty row crops and small organic farms.

We purchased the 181-acre property in 2009 and have spent several years improving the land, including bringing in power, establishing irrigation systems and constructing various agricultural buildings. As Certified Farmers’ Market producers, we have served the community at local farmers’ markets and also ship produce to customers and charitable organizations.

We operate 100% naturally and organically, and are completely GMO-free. Water comes from our own well, which is filtered and then applied via drip irrigation to conserve this precious natural resource while ensuring that the plants get the nourishment they need. No artificial chemicals, herbicides or pesticides are ever utilized.

The name of our ranch and farm is a reference to the chapel that has been built and consecrated on our property. Our Lady of Abundant Harvest chapel is dedicated to the Blessed Mother in honor of her appearance in 1641 in Italy which ended a prolonged drought and resulted in local barns being filled to abundance. A statue of her sits on a hill overlooking the farm and fields. We pray daily that she will bless our family, friends, workers and customers, provide protection over our property and intercede to provide us an abundant harvest of healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables that will give great joy to all who consume them.

Frank and Maryann


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