Our Mission

Chapel Hill Ranch & Farm exists to honor God by recognizing that everything we have is a gift from Him, especially the food that we consume to nurture our bodies. Despite all our modern technological advances, we remain completely dependent on Him to provide the natural environment required to produce healthy food that will nurture our families.

It’s an act of faith that we will be alive tomorrow to enjoy another day with our families and will have the food we need to sustain that life. Our farm celebrates the intersection of faith, family, and food, and calls upon Christ’s earthly mother, our Blessed Mother, to intercede with her son to bless our family and everyone associated with the ranch and farm, and to provide us with an abundant harvest of healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables that we can share with our customers and community.

What is "Ethically Grown?"

Ethically grown is a belief system that the plant is a gift from God, entrusted to us to nourish and cherish. Our responsibility as stewards of this gift is to nurture and care for it as part of a relationship with God. We plant it, but He gives it life. We care for it so that it will thrive as a reflection of a thriving relationship we hope to enjoy with God. When the plant thrives, it gives us its fruit, pouring itself out just as God pours out his love for us. It's our duty in this relationship to provide the best natural farming practices possible to promote the health of the plant, and never to jeopardize it. We do it by providing fresh water from an aquifer deep below our farm applied judiciously to nurture the plant while conserving this precious natural resource. We do it by protecting the plant from enemies using natural means, and never artificial chemicals. We do it by spending time with the plant to assess its health and make adjustments as conditions of the plant suggest. We do it by carefully tending to the needs of the plant with our own hands. And we do it by harvesting the plant only when the plant is ready.

Food that is picked fresh at our farm today will be at your home tomorrow, blessing your family with nutritious, healthy, and delicious food to enjoy and savor.

Each farm box is carefully packed and shipped. (See our Delivery Area) Customers decide how often they wish to receive a farm box, ranging from every week to once per month.

All farm box shipments are unconditionally guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will gladly refund your money. All you need to do is contact us within one week of receipt of your shipment.

We will donate 10 percent of all sales proceeds to Food For The Poor, meaning that not only will you be providing your own family with fresh, healthy produce but you’ll be helping to feed starving children as well.


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